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A Boy out

of Time


Do you like good science fiction? Do you like ADVENTURE? Wonder what it would be like to travel in time? Then this is the site for you. Welcome to the Time Twins Series. Join Ben and Seth as they go on adventures through time, meet Nephilim and fight for their lives.
Ben’s life has been one of grief and guilt since his sister’s death. But that is about to change. He is going to spend the summer with his uncle and with his pen-pal. What he doesn’t expect is the adventure of a lifetime. Running for his life was not on his checklist for the summer. Having to decide to risk his life for another wasn’t either.
Ben and Seth thought they would only go on one adventure this summer. What they didn’t realize is that it was just the beginning. They are going to face their greatest challenge yet. And it will start before they even leave home. Join them as they learn to trust each other and fight against forces threatening their very lives.
Ever wanted to see the bully get it? Ever wonder what makes a person a bully?  Follow along and see what happens when the tables are turned; when he learns  what it means to loose everything. Learn how the bully had everything, lost it and  then gained what he never had in the first place.  Joshua Miles, a 13 year old boy is going to learn the greatest lessons in life and  do things he never imagined, in ways he couldn’t believe were possible.   Learn who the Hoopolipo are and what Josh will learn.  
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Conclusion of the Ice Kingdom Stowaways. Follow along as the Hoopolipo move to their new home, Tanga gets to go on the adventure his grandfather missed.
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Ice Kingdom Stowaways CAPTURED IN ATLANTIS A Boy out of Time